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Our History
Our Mandate
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Frequently Asked Questions?

Where is Wajir County?

Wajir is a county in the middle of the former North Eastern Province, it borders Somalia to the East and Ethopia to the North West .Within Kenya it borders Garissa to the South and South West, Isiolo and Marsabit to the west and Mandera to the North and North East.

How do I get to Wajir County?

Wajir is 692 Kms from the Capital, Nairobi city by road. Majority of people who travel to Wajir, travel by air and land at the Wajir International Airport. Flights to Wajir are available from Nairobi, Mombasa, Somali, Somali land as well as other international airports as long as these flights have clearance from the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs.

Is Wajir safe?

Wajir has had a history of insecurity but due to efforts by the national government through civic -governmental partnering seen in the creation of Wajir Peace and Development Committee formed in 1995; there was a remarkable result of a peaceful Wajir with fewer skirmishes between the clans that occupy the region.
An international effort by the United States of America -since 2006- to aid Kenyan Defense Forces patrol the border between Kenya and Somalia has also improved security within Wajir County.
The County Government of Wajir has also been working very closely with the Kenya Police to ensure patrols and safety of all its residents. Further, compared other parts of Kenya, crime rates are very low Wajir County.

Where can I find accommodation in Wajir?

There are a number of hotels in Wajir which are affordable and offer good accommodation
Wajir Hilton Palace
Wajir Guest House

What crops are grown in Wajir?

The main crops grown in the County are sorghum, maize, millet, cowpeas and green grams. The mode of production is majorly rain fed. The production level is still subsistence level but is set to be commercialized through irrigation.

Horticulture is practiced in areas where there are shallow wells and the major enterprises include tomatoes, capsicums, kales, and spinach, pawpaw and water melons

What is the weather like in Wajir County?

It has a mean annual temperature of 28 oC with rainfall amounts ranging between 250mm and 700mm per annum in different parts of the county.

Are there financial institutions in Wajir County?

Yes.The following financial institutions operate in the County.

What minerals are found in Wajir?

There are high indications that gold, precious stones and oil within the town. Gold prospecting is ongoing in Bute while the northern hilly areas that border Moyale, there is prospecting for minerals and precious stones. The County Government will be seeking to actively engage the Ministry of Mining to conduct feasibility studies to establish the viability of commercial exploitation of these minerals.

Is there oil exploration going on in Wajir?

Africa Oil is already on site setting up camp to begin exploration. Five are under exploration in; East of Harar, Tarbaj, Hanjera to the west along Garrissa Road, seismic studies are complete and drilling has commenced; and to the south-west in Sala.

What are the main sources of energy within Wajir?

Most households do not have electricity and rely on firewood. This is a short measure as the County Government is in the process of establishing means of harnessing solar and wind energy as part of its initiative to position itself as a green energy based economy