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Wajir has an enormous supply of underground water as it sits on the Merti and Yamicha acquifer. Additional water supply is provided by seasonal rivers and Ewaso Ngiro Basin along its Isiolo, Garissa border. Therefore, commercial farming and horticulture through Irrigation promises an attractive return on investment.

The main crops grown in the county are sorghum, maize, millet, cowpeas and green grams. In 2011, these crops yielded over 1.5MT valued at KES20 million. Horticulture is also practiced where shallow wells are predominant and crop enterprises include tomatoes, capsicums, kales, spinach, pawpaw and watermelons’. The County of Wajir is constructing 5 dams in Lagbogol, Lagbor and Khorof Harar that will increase crop yield by 70%. Additional construction of mega dams and investment in irrigation will increase agricultural revenue to over KES 100 million.

Partnership with firms providing integrated agribusiness solutions through irrigation with built in social integration mechanisms are highly desirable. Additional investment opportunities in the sector include;

  1. Production of animal feeds: hay, grass, Lucerne; vet medicines;
  2. Horticulture & floriculture; melons, tomatoes, onions, flowers
  3. Aloe vera growing & primary processing
  4. Seed oils: simsim, sunflower, jatropha, palmoil and dates
  5. Cotton Farming
  6. Sisal growing & processing
  7. Poultry farming
  8. Honey production & processing
  9. Cattle Research and Breeding Centre