Monday, June 01, 2015

Constitutional limitations in education and security a big challenge-Wajir Governor

Constitutional limitations in education and security a big challenge-Wajir Governor

Wajir County Governor Ahmed Abdullahi yesterday described Al Shabaabas hypocritical in their targeting of Christians for not sharing the Muslim faith while they were killing Muslims in Somalia. "Here they are killing men and women who are teaching our children and treating our sick for being Christians, yet in Somalia they kill Muslims. They are cold blooded hypocrites," charged Mr Abdullahi.

He told a well-attendedMadaraka Day rally in Wajir town that time had come for residents in affected northern Kenya Counties where education and health services had been crippled by the diabolical activities of Al Shabaab to "confront the terror organization with our hearts, hands, minds and wealth and defeat their evil machinations that have seen teachers and health workers from other parts of the country flee for their lives".

"It is a pity that as of today, schools are being closed, others are merged and students are forced to drop subjects because Al Shabaab has succeeded in instilling fear," he lamented.

The Governor lauded security forces deployed to the region for doing a commendable job but called for vigilance and urged the public to continue sharing intelligence that has greatly contributed to the relative calm.

Mr Abdullahi stressed the importance of professionalism and adherence to the rule of law on the part of security forces and decried claims of extra judicial killings as disturbing where atrocities such as the Wagalla massacre committed by security agents in 1984 are still fresh in the people's minds."We do not wantsituations that will make our people cringe at security personnel as perpetuators of terror," he cautioned.

Mr Abdullahi reiterated that the region's leaders had agreed on a raft of measures that would change the management of security in the area once put in place. He said the measures included the deployment of more police officers andreservists and the purchase of vehicles for efficient and fast movement of the forces.
Commenting on the prevailing curfew, Governor Abdullahi asked residents to be patient about inconveniences caused, bearing in mind that the measure was for general good. He condemned in the same vein security officers extortingand harassing innocent people going about their normal lives.

The Governor said efforts at de-radicalization were ongoing on at different sub-counties andadvised the youth not to be impressionable to the point of falling into the traps of the insurgents. "Closely monitor your children in these bad times," Governor Abdullahi told parents.

To have as many disadvantaged children in school as possible, Governor Abdullahi said his government had increased the bursary fund allocated this financial year by more than half to the tune of KSh 70 million. "Our objective is to ensure over 2,300 students in secondary schools, colleges and universities benefit from the fund," he said adding that the program to train at least 500 teachers in the next three years to mitigate teacher shortage was alive and on course.

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