Expansion of Healthcare Services in Wajir County.

Wajir County News 3rd July 2024,

The Wajir County administration has reached a significant milestone in its efforts to enhance healthcare services. In line with the campaign pledge to revitalize the health sector, 212 new healthcare professionals have been added across various disciplines. This strategic expansion aims to improve healthcare delivery to all areas of the county.

Additionally, the healthcare infrastructure is being substantially upgraded, including the elevation of 8 level 3 health facilities to level four health centers and the construction of a modern accident and emergency wing. These initiatives seek to provide specialized medical services closer to residents, reducing the burden of long-distance travel.

In the pursuit of a healthier future for Wajir County, the new healthcare workforce has been urged by the governor to prioritize excellence in service and patient-centered care. This initiative underscores the administration’s commitment to fulfilling promises to constituents, ensuring equitable access to quality healthcare for all residents of Wajir County.


The launch event was attended by esteemed officials including The Governor H.E FCPA Ahmed Abdullahi, the Deputy Governor H.E Ahmed Muhumed Abdi, Speaker of the County Assembly Hon. Abdille Yussuf Mohamed, members of the County Executive Committee, CCOs, Public Service Board members, and several MCAs, reflecting the collective dedication to advancing healthcare in the community.


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