Inauguration of the Integrated Geographical Information System (GIS)

This is truly a powerful tool that shall shape the future of our county This system is not just a technological innovation; it is a commitment to better governance, informed decisions, and the improved well-being of our people.
GIS provides us with valuable insights into the complex challenges that our county faces. From land management and urban planning to healthcare and disaster preparedness, GIS will be our guiding light.
Gone are the days when hospitals were constructed in areas lacking water or power connectivity, since we now have a shared pool of information that each department can utilize to make informed investment decisions. In fact, its precision is such that it can pinpoint precisely where resources should be allocated for maximum impact.
Kindly allow me to express my most profound gratitude to our partners who stood with us all along the way to see the realization of our vision for our County within the very short period of our collaboration.
Mercy Corps Kenya through its direct funding of our unified system, enhancement of our geospatial resource center, and the capacity-building they’ve provided for our staff has been instrumental in enabling us to adopt and effectively manage the system.
On behalf of all Wajirians, I also wish to convey our gratitude Esri Eastern Africa, FAO-Kenya, the World Food Program (WFP), Islamic Relief Kenya, Kenya Red Cross and all our partners who contributed in one way or the other in the success of this Journey.
We were truly glad to host H.E Gabriel Samia Samburu Deputy Governor, H.E Abdi Muhumed Dakane Garissa Deputy Governor and County officials from Garissa, Turkana and Samburu counties who joined us for this milestone.
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