Wajir is the Livestock capital of Kenya, having the largest camel herd population in Kenya and a newly installed ultra-modern abattoir with a capacity to process 1,500 cattle a day.

Wajir is a stepping stone to both local and international markets through the Wajir International Airport and its proximity to the LAPPSET corridor.

The county has abundant natural resources that include but not limited to sunshine for solar power generation; great wind speeds for wind power generation; as well as an array of natural resources such as limestone, minerals, oil, precious stones and exotic wildlife as well as gum and resins. Wajir has a reservoir of both skilled and unskilled human capital crucial for business and development.

The County Government of Wajir has set up an environment that will maximize investors return on investment

Investment Opportunities

Flagship Investment Opportunities

Livestock Farming

Renewable Energy


Prospecting Minerals