Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wajir Water Project

Wajir county government will drill more than 100 boreholes across the county in this financial year in a bid to end water crisis in the area.

Executive Committee Member for Water Yussuf Abdi Gedi said they have contracted national water service board to take up the task of undertaking the drilling process.

The drilling of two boreholes is already going on in Tula Tula and Mado locations respectively in Eldas sub county.

"Wajir County has over 100 boreholes that were drilled by the central government over the last 50 years, but we intend to double this by the end of this financial year." Executive committee member for Water Yussuf Abdi Gedi told Nep counties magazine.

Governor Ahmed Abdullahi vowed to bring more drilling rigs to speed up the process of digging more boreholes for easy access to clean water in the county.

"Water was my main area of target during campaign period. By the end of my five year term, I want to fulfill my promise of providing enough clean water in the county." Governor Ahmed said.