Roads, Transport and Public Works

The County Department of Public Works, Roads & Transport has three Public departments Works, Roads and Transport.

Roads, Transport and Public Works

Mobility sub sector Functions

  • To design and operate traffic management system (TMS) to enhance efficient flow of both vehicles and pedestrians
  • To coordinate stakeholders in the public transport sector
  • Liaison with National and other agencies in the planning and designing of transport systems within the county
  • To maintain county fleet machinery and plant to facilitate service delivery;

Works sub sector Functions

  • Design, develop and maintain roads to standard that will enhance efficient transportation of people goods and services;
  • To develop and maintain public transport infrastructure;
  • To design, develop and maintain institutional facilities to enhance service delivery;
  • To coordinate energy and lighting infrastructure in the County
Excellence in the Construction and Maintenance of Infrastructure
To promote quality infrastructure through construction and maintenance of roads and buildings in adherence to established standards for sustainable socio-economic development
Traffic Management Construction and maintenance of all county roads Public roads transport including street lighting, road signs, parking and regulations of county public transport systems Plants and equipment:- the unit manages, maintains and hires construction plants and machineries. Public Works:- Designing, documentation, post contracting and project management of construction and maintenance of public works other infrastructural services, construction of foot bridges and capacity building of local contractors.