HON. FARHIYA ABDILLE MAALIM:CECM Public Service, and Special Programmes

Hon. Farhiya, is one of the youngest CECM and holds over 10 years’ experience in
Management specializing in administration, executive decision-making, strategic
planning, results-based management, and public policy analyses.

She has worked in various institutions both in the public and private sectors developing and implementing projects, offering technical support, and overseeing program initiatives that drive growth using new approaches. Hon. Farhiya has previously served the Wajir County Assembly as an advisor to the Speaker and Members of the County Assembly providing guidance on legislative process, and parliamentary procedure and practice.

She also successfully coordinated inter-County Assembly relations, conferences, and protocol and spearheaded preparation of the assembly’s annual performance reports. After serving the assembly, she contested for the seat of Wajir County
Women Member of parliament.

Hon. Farhiya has also worked in the humanitarian world as a Program Assistant at North Eastern Province Aid (NEPAID) and has also worked at IEBC as a Head Clerk and Assistant head of the ICT Department.Hon. Farhiya holds Bachelors of Business Management from Mount Kenya University and also possesses Advanced Diploma in Business Management and Diploma in
Business Management and Administration respectively.