HON. FARAH ABDI SAMAN:CECM Agriculture, Livestock, and Veterinary Services

Hon. Farah Abdi Saman is a career academician with 20 years’ experience serving in
the education sector as a teacher and school administrator.

Before his nomination to the CECM Position, Hon. Farah wasthe Director
Administration at Wajir County Government. He first joined Wajir County in 2015
when he was appointed as the Chief of Staff, a role he served until 2017.
Hon. Farah began his professional career in 1993 as a high school teacher at Takaba
Boys Secondary until his promotion as a senior teacher and Head of Department at
Moi Girls Secondary School, Mandera.

He was later promoted to the position of Principal, a role he served at Rhamu Dimtu
Boys Secondary School, Hon. Khalif Girls Secondary School and Wagalla Memorial
Boys Secondary school. He left the field of education in 2015 to serve in other areas
within the public sector. Hon. Farah has received recognition during his teaching
tenure where he was awarded as the best teacher at County and regional level on
different occasions.

Hon. Farah holds Bachelors of Education from Kenyatta University and Diploma in
Education from Kisii College