HON. Ahmed Mohamed Wardere: CECM Education, Social Welfare and Family Affairs

Hon. Ahmed Mohamed Wardere is the Youngest CECM at 34 years. Hon. Wardere possesses over 10 years’ experience in teaching, working under the Teachers Service

He started his teaching career in 2009 at AMA primary school in Wajir where he was based for a period of five years before his promotion to Furaha Primary; where he completed his early education, to serve as its Deputy Headteacher.
In 2016, he was promoted and transferred to Wajir Secondary School where he was stationed until his nomination to the CECM position.

Hon. Wardere’s passion for youth and Education matters dates way back to his teaching era as the patron of guidance and Counselling departments where has been very active and supportive for youth in schools through extra-curricular Activities.
He has also successfully overseen the facilitation and implementation of mentorship programs for youth in Schools through awareness campaigns on various thematic areas. Hon. Wardere has previously served as Uwezo fund chairperson Wajir East and the regional youth chairperson Kenya Red Cross Society where he remains an active volunteer and a Life member.

Hon. Wardere holds Bachelor’s of Education, Arts from Mount Kenya University and
and Diploma in Teaching.