HON. KHALIF ABDI ALI :CECM County administration, Inspectorate services, and intergovernmental relations

Hon. Khalif Abdi is a career civil servant and a seasoned administrator who has served in the public sector for a period spanning 40 years where he has held different roles including working as a District Officer and Deputy County Commissioner until his resignation in 2017 to join politics. He is an expert with a solid background in government processes, policy formulation, resource mobilization, Dispute Resolution, community development, Personnel Management and advocacy.Hon. Khalif Abdi Ali is also the immediate former Chief Officer in Wajir County Government working in the Irrigation Department where he has made extensive contribution such as increasing the County irrigation water pans, leading the solarization of farms, food productivity and reduced farm costs.He has also served as Chief Officer in the departments of fisheries, and decentralized unit in an acting capacity. Hon. Khalif Abdi has studied Bachelors of Governance and

Development at MS Training Centre for Development, Arusha, Tanzania. He has also studied Agricultural Engineering at Eldoret institute of Agriculture.He has also attended various Senior strategic leadership, Advanced Public Administration and Management Courses at the Kenya School of Government