Wajir County Governor H.E. Ahmed Abdullah, convened a stakeholders meeting to discuss the Wajir County Drugs and Substance Abuse Control Bill.

Wajir county, 18th June 2024;

During the meeting, Governor Abdullah urged the national government to address drug abuse uniformly across the country, criticising what he perceived as double standards in its approach.

He specifically pointed out Muguka and Miraa as substances classified under the NACADA Act that should be considered harmful and regulated.

The Governor expressed disagreement with the national government’s focus primarily on combating changaa and illicit brews in Central Kenya and the Rift Valley, while seemingly endorsing the use of Miraa and Muguka elsewhere.

“We strongly oppose these actions and will collaborate with various agencies to develop strategies for controlling, regulating, and possibly banning these substances, which have negative impacts on youth,” said Governor Ahmed Abdullah.

He also called upon the youth to pursue technical education at polytechnics, emphasising the importance of acquiring skills for sustainable livelihoods. Governor Abdullah assured his administration’s commitment to maintaining a drug-free and productive county.

The proposed Drugs Control Bill will undergo public scrutiny before advancing to the County Committee members and eventually to the Wajir County Assembly for consideration.

Among those present at the meeting were Wajir Senator Hon. Abass Sheikh, Wajir County Speaker Abdille Yusuf, Members of the County Assembly, Wajir County Executive Committee members, Chief Officers, representatives from the national government, the Chamber of Commerce, the Miraa Traders Association, and religious leaders.

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